Million drivers face losing licensce under EU diabetes diktat

This article hit my radar this week and I was astonished.  As a disciplined diabetic, I have had two accidents while driving as a result of low blood sugar.  Total cost or both accidents was $10K.  No small amount.

However, I fail to see the logic of the EU in proposing this legislation.  By taking up to 1M drivers off of the road and limiting their ability to work, I believe the EU is missing the down stream financial implications of this decision.  You have fragile economies as it is.  Please weigh the effect of this before moving forward.

Further, by mandating insulin dependent diabetics to avoid low blood sugar episodes to keep their driver’s license would have the unintended effect of raising blood sugar of 1M Europeans.  Over time this would lead to increased rates of diabetic complications, increase medical expense and death as a result of diabetes.  I see this legislation as short sighted, un-informed banter.  The effect of which if put in place will begin a domino effect that could impact the US economy as well.

To read this article please click the attached link:

Million drivers face losing licence under EU diabetes diktat





2 Responses to “Million drivers face losing licensce under EU diabetes diktat”

  1. But isn’t that already done to some degree in this country when it comes to certain kinds of jobs like for bus drivers, and truckers here in the U.S.?

    • For years, there was a ban that prevented truck drivers with diabetes who used insulin from driving commercial vehicles within interstate operation. However, in 2003, the FMCSA introduced the Diabetes Exemption Program which allowed individuals with insulin treated diabetes the ability to operate a CMV in interstate commerce.

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